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Simply Better Hearing

The Mira ™ circuit is available in our most popular models : Invisa, Petite Plus, Opera Plus and Optima.

Beltone has been helping people hear better for over 60 years. We believe a highly personalized, customer-oriented approach, combined with quality products, gives you a complete hearing care experience. That’s why we developed the Beltone Mira. Whether it’s your first hearing aid or a replacement for your existing instrument, Mira’s exclusive digital processor ensures that sounds will neither be too soft nor too loud: they will always be comfortable.

Comfortable Listening
We understand your hearing care needs. That’s why the digital technology at the heart of the Mira has been designed to ensure comfortable listening.

For instance, Mira minimizes the chance of a ‘whistling’ sound that can occur when using the telephone, or when eating while wearing a hearing instrument. It also comes with Beltone’s Silencer Technology, which recognizes and reduces low level noises like refrigerators, fans or computers.

Better Hearing
Mira will help improve your hearing in everyday situations. With the help of your hearing care practitioner, you can define Mira’s listening programs to most closely reflect your needs.

Mira comes with push-button multi-memory that allows your practitioner to set two separate programs for your listening needs. For example, a program can be set for different listening environments, such as music, telephone or restaurant.

Choose a Mira that suits you best.
Everyone has different needs and lifestyles. The Beltone Mira is available in a range of popular shell styles, so you can be sure that your Mira will look as good as it sounds. Your hearing care practitioner will guide you during the fitting process, so there's no need to guess which one is the right one for you.

With the Invisa Mira, your hearing instrument can be concealed deep in the ear canal and is virtually undetectable. The popular Petite Plus and Opera models are partially concealed and the Optima shell style gives you a fuller, more powerful hearing instrument.

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