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You’ve finally found what you’re looking for!

The Oria™ circuit is available in our most popular models : Invisa, Petite Plus, Opera Plus and Optima.

At Beltone, we believe life should sound good. That’s why we are pleased to offer our advanced digital product line, the Beltone Oria. Beltone Oria is our most technologically advanced hearing instrument, developed with your needs in mind. The result is a digital hearing instrument created for the way people live, ultimately providing you with a better hearing experience.

Enhanced Hearing

The Beltone Oria’s advanced features are designed to help you hear sounds comfortably in a variety of listening situations.

12 Channels of Digital Signal Processing
Automatically adjust the amount of amplification you need to help you hear soft sounds and keep loud sounds from becoming uncomfortable.

Speech Pattern Detection™ Analyzes the signal and automatically reduces amplification when it identifies that only non-speech like sounds are occurring, so that your listening comfort is maintained.

Personal Fit

Beltone has developed fitting software and an exclusive feature to make your transition to Beltone Oria as smooth as possible.

Satisfy is designed to help you adapt to amplification over time. With Satisfy, your instrument’s settings are programmed to change gradually and automatically, as you begin to get used to your new hearing aids.

SelectaFit™ and Beltone AVE.™
Proprietary software systems developed to provide you with a personalized fit.

Everyday Confidence

Beltone Oria provides many advanced features to help you experience everyday confidence when wearing your hearing aids.

Gain Explorer™ Your Beltone hearing care practitioner will use this feature to ensure you optimum listening comfort and confidence by limiting feedback or whistling from your hearing instruments.

Delayed-Start Up Gives you time to put your hearing aid in without experiencing whistling or feedback.

Low-Battery Indicator Alerts you with an audible signal when it is time for the battery to be replaced.

Listening Comfort

Beltone Oria includes features that help you listen comfortably in different environments.

Multi-Channel Compression System and Silencer System™
Designed to keep distortion to a minimum and to enhance the sound quality you experience.

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