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Discover the world's smallest secret

The Beltone MIA™ is a unique audiological development: a mini-BTE that answers three major concerns of the hearing impaired: cosmetics, sound quality and ease of use.

Invisible design

People who use hearing aids are concerned about how they look. Beltone is delighted to introduce the Beltone MIA™ – the mini behind-the-ear hearing aid that is designed to be nearly invisible in use.

A true breakthrough in miniature design, it has all the features you need to hear in a clear and natural way – without being concerned about how you look. Available in a range of colors and with a selection of ‘curvature hooks' that ensure your Beltone MIA™ fits securely behind the ear.

Superior Sound Quality

Whether you're a first time user concerned about sound quality or a current user seeking improvement, Beltone MIA™ is an excellent choice.

You will enjoy clear, natural sound. The hearing aid automatically gives the proper amplification to both soft and loud sounds. That's because Beltone MIA™ has a range of unique features designed to maximize your listening comfort in a large range of everyday situations.

What's more, it can also help you to better understand speech in noisy situations, with its unique dual-microphone technology. Another important feature is the automatic cancellation of feedback (whistling) which enables you to use the phone more easily.

Unrivalled ease of use

The Beltone MIA™ is an incredibly small, discreet device. Despite its small size, it's easy to use.

That's because it uses a volume control and push-button program control the same size as those you find on larger hearing instruments. What's more, an innovative battery door ensures the battery stays firmly in place until you need to remove it.

One product, six ways to meet your patients' needs

The Beltone MIA is available in three price points, based on the three high-performance algorithms from the Beltone CORUS™, ORIA™ and MIRA™.

Additionally, Beltone MIA™ is available with a choice of dual microphone or single microphone with volume control.

Each one offers the same outstanding cosmetic appeal, and can be tailored to fit the patients' hearing needs using just one fitting software program Beltone SOLUS™.

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