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ARCA Enter the world of digital hearing

The Arca™ circuit is available in many of our popular models : Invisa, Opera, Optima and A74 (BTE).

Beltone has been helping people hear better for over 60 years. We believe a highly personalized, customer-oriented approach, combined with quality products, gives you a complete hearing care experience. That’s why we developed the Beltone Arca. Whether it’s your first hearing aid or a replacement for your existing instrument, Arca’s digital processor ensures that sounds will neither be too soft nor too loud: they will always be comfortable.

The Little Extras That Make a Big Difference
The Beltone Arca is available with a range of options to enhance your hearing in changing situations.

Low battery warning –
Emits an audible beep to let you know it’s time to change the battery.

Manual volume control –
For complete control over the loudness level.

Telecoil –
For better hearing on the telephone.

Dual-program switch –
Quickly change from one hearing program to another.

The Digital Advantage
The Beltone Arca helps you take the first steps into the world of digital hearing. With the Beltone Arca, you can enjoy crisp, digital sound, with an instrument that is incredibly easy to use. It offers a range of options to maximize your hearing comfort, with the sound quality you expect from a digital instrument.

Enjoy Clear and Comfortable Sound
Stepping into the world of digital sound has never been easier. The Beltone Arca automatically prescribes the correct volume for both soft and loud sounds to help you enjoy comfortable listening, no matter what the environment. Plus, the fast-acting digital processing minimizes unpleasant or sudden loud noises.

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