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From : N. Lu Kaesk
Location : Covina, Ca
Details : Thank-you, thank-you so much. Everything is just fine.... I can pick up any phone and hear. I'm so glad I listened to you.

From : B. Britton
Location : Santa Ana, Ca
Details : How can I ever thank-you, you're an angel in my eyes. I am so delighted to be able to hear my grandchildren again. It's such a blessing.

From : J. Leoni
Location : West Covina, Ca
Details : ... My hearing started getting bad about 8 years ago, my friends and family kept telling me I needed help. In 2003 I finally got my first hearing aids. I can't believe the difference. NOW I can hear so well I even hear my clock chime and birds sing, which I couldn't before.

From : W. Carlos
Location : Baldwin Park, Ca
Details : I recently bought a new T.V. to hear O.K. I had to turn the volume up to#36.

Since getting a new pair of Beltone Hearing Aids I am listening at #20. That's almost 50percent improvement. After 30 years of hearing aid use, I don't think you can find a better hearing aid.

From : E. Mendoza
Location : La Punete, Ca
Details : Thanks to Beltone and the specialists, I have been able to hear what I could not before and now I am also learning to speak.

From : M. Stolz
Location : Monrovia, Ca
Details : ... I have had Beltone Hearing Aids for about 8 years and my hearing has continued to diminish... I was just fitted with Digital "Behind the Ear" hearing aids and they have changed my life. With my new "ears" I can now eat with 35 other people in a large dining room and participate in the conversation... Also in our Chapel I missed but of what was said, but now I have no problem at all.

I have been more than satisfied with your service. Thank you for making my life better with better hearing.

From : J. Young
Location : Walnut, Ca.
Details : ...I have suffered from a moderate to severe hearing problem since birth. First using analog BTE's, to in the ear linear aids to my present digital aids.... I can truly say that if it were not for my Beltone hearing aids along with the dedication and understanding of the staffs, I do not think I could come this far as a 27 years-old who just earned her Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and leads a team of talented engineers in the aerospace industry.

Thank you, for helping me enjoy the little things in life that makes my path easier to stay on.

From : H. Burton
Location : Covina, Ca
Details : I am deeply indebted and eternally grateful to the very professional, knowledgeable staff at Beltone.

A little over a month ago I was fitted with my first hearing aids. They have made a huge improvement in my hearing. They are so comfortable I wear them from 12 to 15 hours a day. Best of all is that I can hear sounds I haven't heard in years. Thank you Beltone.

From : D Pukarta
Location : Rowland Heights, Ca.
Details : Thank you for helping my mother get her hearing back on such a tight schedule. You are awesome. Now she can hear so many things she's been missing for years ...

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