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Simply Better Hearing

The Corus circuit is available in two of our most popular models : Invisa (CIC) and Opera Plus (ITC).

Why Beltone Corus is ideal for you

  • You need a hearing instrument that accurately matches your hearing loss.
  • You need to hear sounds in a comfortable, natural way.
  • You want to be able to hear comfortably even in difficult listening environments.
  • You want a hearing instrument that looks as good as it sounds.
  • You want to be able to use the phone without feedback or a decrease in volume.
Enjoying Life with Beltone Corus

The Beltone Corus is an advanced hearing instrument that offers superior performance even in the most challenging situations. The Beltone Corus offers a unique combination of features that will help you enjoy hearing in a comfortable and natural way.

Playing with Corus Grandchildren have wonderful imaginations. They can make up a story about absolutely anything even when you're pushing them on a swing. You shouldn't have to miss a word of what they say.

The Beltone Corus lets you comfortably hear a full range of sounds, from a whisper to louder sounds. This is achieved through the advanced Rapid Wide Dynamic Range Compression system, which ensures that all sounds will be comfortable and natural. When listening to someone on a swing, for example, the system will help you hear their voice clearly and audibly, at a comfortable level, even when they are moving forward and backward.

With the Beltone Corus, you have an instrument with an advanced Speech Pattern Detection system, designed to keep background sounds where they belong, comfortably in the background.

Eating with Corus

Going out to eat is a favorite activity for many people. It's a great way to spend an afternoon or evening because conversation can last for hours. When you're having a great conversation, you don't want to be disturbed by sounds from other tables.

The Beltone Corus C75D Behind-the-Ear model helps solve this problem, thanks to a feature called Adaptive Directionality. Hundreds of times per second, the instrument checks for background chatter, and minimizes it, wherever it's coming from.

Music with Corus

If you love music and enjoy watching a live performance, Corus can help enhance the experience. Many different pieces of music have their own intonations, peaks and pauses, which can combine to make a rich and distinctive character.

The Beltone Corus, with its Rapid Compression system and integrated Beltone Sound, reproduces the notes and intonations of music in a clear, comfortable way. And in order to maximize your appreciation of the music, the Digital Signal Processor has been designed to be as quiet as possible, allowing you to enjoy the rich experience of your favorite piece, with no disturbance.

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