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From : S. Hackett
Location : Beverly Hills, Ca
Details : I can't begin to thank you enough for taking me from an almost-deaf world to among the hearing. Your dedication, patience and personal touch are such new experiences for me, especially in a world of digital hearing aids. I can't thank you and Beltone enough for restoring my hearing to me ...

From : M. Villarreal
Location : Los Angeles, Ca.
Details : I was born with normal hearing and I could even hear a whisper, I an 78ys old and without my hearing aids I am deaf and cannot hear anything but with the wonderful caring people at Beltone I am able to hear the birds chirping and to me the rooster crow early in the morning, and all this I can hear now because of my Beltone hearing aids and I thank you very much ...

From : S. Quezada
Location : Los Angeles, Ca
Details : I would like to say thank you in behalf of my mother who is a patient at Beltone hearing aid center. The hearing aids have helped us a lot, not only have they helped my mother but also the family because now we can communicate with her. Much thanks to the personal at this office for always helping us with joy and respect.

From : R. Tafoya
Location : Los Angeles, Ca
Details : Before I got my hearing aids I wouldnít admit that I was hard of hearing. But once I got them, I re-discovered many sounds I hadnít heard in a long time. So Iím very happy and thankful to Beltone hearing aid center.

From : C. Stephens
Location : Montebello, Ca
Details : My new hearing aids are really a great improvement in my everyday life. I attend many meetings in the course of my work for the Los Angeles County. The three settings ion my hearing aids enable me to tune in or out as I need to. The third setting is convenient when the speaker is far remote from me. For anyone that may have a hearing problem, I can very highly recommend the Montebello Beltone hearing aid center. All of the staff is exceptional and very professional at all times in all ways.

From : R. Guzman
Location : Montebello, Ca
Details : My world has been silent for over twenty years now; I was unable to hear birds, cars, the wind, and even kids as they passed from school. Then my son took me to Beltone hearing Aid center, which has changed my life forever. Now I can hear everything, I feel more alive everything I hear is marvelous and noisy but wonderful.

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