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Post fitting Verification on all Beltone HA fittings, using Digital Speech Mapping

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A Commitment to a Higher Standard of Professional Hearing Care

The Beltone name is synonymous with excellent hearing instruments, and through its relationship with independent hearing care practitioners, the Beltone network is able to provide professional and caring service that establishes the trust Beltone patients have come to expect. Beltone takes this reputation seriously, and because it means more to patients than hearing instruments alone, we developed BelCareŽ as a commitment and assurance of the highest standards in patient care.

With the goal of providing the finest hearing instruments and hearing care experience for our patients, Beltone Hearing Care Practitioners strive to deliver an ideal hearing care experience encompassing these elements.

  • Friendly, respectful, and knowledgeable staff
  • A focus on explaining problems and solutions thoroughly
  • Maintaining certified audiologist(s) and/or licensed instrument specialists on staff
  • An emphasis on honest and ethical behavior by all staff members
  • Providing satisfaction and performance guarantees that are meaningful to the patient
  • Allowing time to listen to the patient's needs and truly caring about the service provided
  • The dispensing of high quality products that fit well
  • Providing regularly scheduled follow-up services

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Hearing Evaluation
Minimum Loss
Realistic Expectations Prior To Purchase
Verification Of Benefits
Follow-up Schedule
30-Day Policy
Warranty and Lost, Stolen and Damaged Coverage
Two-Year Hearing Loss Change Protection
Lifetime Care At All Locations
1-800-BELTONE Patient Line
Code of Ethics
BelCareŽ Disclaimer


30-Day Policy

Hearing Evaluation

AVE.TM Test Drive


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